Appliance Repair Atlantis Florida

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We serviced a
Model 1.1026E+11
Near Atlantis, FL 33462
Job Details: 06/27/2022
Change control board Was able to put unit in diagnostic mode you're the one that agitate or spin needs tub job. Two man required.; ordrng 1 W10003790 (Washer Screw) and 1 W10006371 (Washer Tub Seal) and 1 W10291415 (Hub) and 1 W10291416 (Block) and 1 W10291417 (Spanner Nut) and 1 W10215120 (Washplate) and 1 W10305259 (Cap) and 1 W10215146 (Washer Tub Ring) and 1 W10238301 (Outer Tub) and 1 3949550 (Washing Machine Washer) and 1 W10238268 (Basket) and 1 W10006356 (Washer Motor Drive Pulley) and 1 W10006384 (Washer Drive Belt) and 1 W10006379 (Gear Case) and 1 W10249628 (Washer Drive Motor) and 1 W10163336 (Washer Pulley Nut) and 1 W10006355 (Washer Actuator)