Problems That Cause a Washer Not to Start

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A lot of washer problems give you a pretty good sign of what to check first. If it leaks, checks the drain pump and hose. If it doesn’t spin, check the motor. However, what about if it just doesn’t start at all? That isn’t quite as obvious with its causes. However, if your washer just plain old isn’t doing anything …

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Why Your Washer is Stuck On One Cycle

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In terms of washer problems, you might expect that someday your washer just won’t turn on and you will need to fix it. However, what you don’t expect is for your washer to turn on just fine, only to get to a cycle and just keep running that cycle until infinity. If you have waited for hours for your washer …

How to Fix a Washer Door That Won’t Open

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If you ran your wash cycle and it ended only for you to discover that the door absolutely, unmistakably will not open, then you have a problem. Now, your wet clothing is effectively being held prisoner by your appliance. It won’t be long before mildew starts to set in, and eventually, those clothes will be damaged by it. The good …