How to Repair a Broken Refrigerator Drawer


Refrigerator drawers are put through a lot. For an active home chef, a refrigerator drawer might be opened and closed several times a day, which can add up to thousands of times a year. Refrigerator drawers are packed too tightly and treated roughly. Sometimes the fridge slams on them, sometimes they’re removed and banged around. And eventually, a refrigerator drawer can crack.

Due to supply chain issues from COVID-19, you may run into long wait times for cosmetic parts like a refrigerator drawer, it may be possible to repair an existing drawer depending on the crack on your own. This is not a suggested permanent solution but it can get you by as you await a permanent solution.


  • Epoxy Glue
  • Towel
  • 40 Minutes

Remove the Drawer

Start by pulling the drawer out of the refrigerator. You may need to open the fridge door all the way to do this. Some fridge drawers have a latch in the track or in the drawer side-ridge that will need to be released. Some fridge drawers need to be lifted and pulled to overcome a small non-mechanical latch to be released. Pull the drawer completely free and set it on the counter where you can see the crack. 

Clean & Dry the Drawer or Pieces

The next step is to completely clean the drawer. Glue doesn’t work correctly if it’s mixed with grime and old vegetable water. Refrigerator drawers can get pretty dirty so you may need to soak the pieces before you can continue. Give the drawer a very thorough scrub with soap and water. Use vinegar for residue that doesn’t break up with soap.

When the drawer is clean, dry it completely. 

Apply an Epoxy Glue

The next step is to apply your glue. There are several schools of thought on the best type of glue for refrigerator doors. Some choose acrylic glue. Some choose super glue. Some prefer to work with two-part epoxy. The best option for a long-lasting fix is two-part epoxy, which is also the most complex to apply. Superglue and acrylic glue perform equally well and do not require a multi-step gluing process.

To apply your glue, gently flex the crack open and apply glue with the narrowest possible tip. If necessary, use a syringe or a sharp-tipped tool to spread the glue into the rough edges of the plastic.

Use a damp towel to wipe away the excess immediately. 

Hold Together for 30 Seconds

Once you’ve applied the glue, the most important step is holding the pieces together. If there are two separate pieces, be very careful to hold them together aligned for thirty seconds. If you are dealing with a crack in an otherwise whole drawer, flex the plastic the other direction to press the crack together for thirty seconds. 

Allow to Cure for 30 Minutes

The last step is curing. Your drawer is not ready to be put into use until the glue has time to dry. Set the drawer aside on a towel, glue side up, for at least thirty minutes. Check the specific glue you selected to determine exactly the right amount of time to cure. When that time has passed, it will finally be safe to slide your now-mended drawer back into its slot and lock it in.

—Fixing your refrigerator drawer is easier than it might seem. The most difficult part is choosing and applying the glue of your choice. This process is simple and can be quite quick. If something goes wrong with your refrigerator other than cracked plastic, we are ready to help. Contact us today to for a consultation for any malfunctioning appliances in your home. We look forward to hearing from you.


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