Problems That Cause a Washer Not to Start


A lot of washer problems give you a pretty good sign of what to check first. If it leaks, checks the drain pump and hose. If it doesn’t spin, check the motor. However, what about if it just doesn’t start at all? That isn’t quite as obvious with its causes. However, if your washer just plain old isn’t doing anything when you start it, here are the common causes you can check.

These options are for mechanical based washers made prior to 2010, for electronic controls, we recommend having a professional come out and diagnose the issue.

Timer Knob

If your washer is getting up there in years, then it is possible that the knob on your timer is no longer making contact with the timer shaft. It can wear out over time so when you actually turn the knob, it is not engaging with the timer shaft. This means no input is actually going in. You can inspect this easily for wear by removing the knob.

Timer and Start Switch

If you have a top load washer, it features a start switch that is activated when you pull the knob out. However, if the start switch in your timer has failed, it will not start and you will need to replace the timer. You can test this with a multimeter to determine if it is the cause.

Lid Switch

Your washer comes with a little part that often causes this problem called the lid switch. This part detects that the lid is indeed closed so it can safely agitate. If the lid switch is faulty, it could read that your washer is open when it is not. As such, it needs to be replaced before your washer will fill with water and start washing. There are ways to bypass this faulty part, but it is important to have it replaced for your safety. It is this switch that stops the agitation when you lift the lid, so if it is bypassed, it can make opening your washer both dangerous and potentially messy.

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