The Door Lock is Fine – But My Washer Still Won’t Lock!


In order to prevent clothing and water from catastrophically spilling out during a cycle, all washers come with a door lock that keeps the washer lid securely shut. This lock ideally disengages when a cycle is done or when you physically open the door. However, if your washer door lock is malfunctioning, it could result in the lock not engaging, thus the washer not running, or the washer lock not disengaging.

When this happens, a great first instinct is to check the door lock mechanism. By testing this with a multimeter, you can quickly deduce if it is the cause. If it checks out, another potential solution is the door latch or the strike itself. If this is bent or broken, it can cause the same issues.

But what if the lock and latch do check out?

Perhaps you even went so far as to replace both of them, but the issue of the door not locking or not unlocking still occurs. What then?

There is one more cause to this issue, but it is rather uncommon – the control board. In truth, many washer issues can be traced back to the control board eventually. It is quite literally the brain of your appliance. It tells the working parts what to do and when to do it. Yet, it is still usually a very uncommon malfunction in both this issue and most issues, but it is possible.

One concrete sign that your control board is going faulty and is manifesting this lock issue is that it also is causing other issues. Control board malfunction usually doesn’t cause just one issue. You might notice faults with the display, random loss of function, or non-responsive buttons. All of these issues can mean the control board is going out. The good news is that it is actually really simple to replace and should fix the bulk of your washer issues quite quickly. However, you will definitely want to test all other potential causes first before suspecting the control board.

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